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Tips to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

With a great apology to all my followers! I have been fighting a virus since Christmas Eve and it has finally passed! Recently I’ve been sleeping almost 12 hours a day, so if you or a loved one is fighting a cold or virus here are some tips to staying healthy without sacrificing your gains. Here are a few ways I found helpful to getting better:

  1. Eat fruits and veggies filled with vitamin C:
    • Vitamin C helps with your immune system, here are a list of 14 fruits and vegetables chock full of Vitamin C from
    • Or if you have a hard time eating fruits and veggies, go to your local drug store and get vitamin C tablets, I typically use Emergen- C it helps nip the virus or cold in the bud before it starts.
  2. Rest!
    • Your body’s immune system is fighting the virus and could take up to 10 days to fully get out of your system. If you continue to work or workout, it just sets back the days to feeling better so rest up! Plus you don’t want to get your friends and coworkers sick. Be a little self-less
  3. Keep tissues by your bedside.
    • You are most likely going to be blowing your nose, A LOT, so keep your tissues stocked. Puffs Plus has lotion in them to keep your nose from drying up. I find them the most helpful.
  4. Stay clean
    • Yes, you should shower or even take a hot bath to relax.  Amazing facts has a list of 17 ways to get better and claims to take a contrast shower alternating between hot and cold. This increases your blood cells and can be helpful to your immune system.
    • Use antibacterial soap, this will stop the spread of bacterial germs.
  5. Avoid Dairy
    • Dairy can worsen symptoms making you produce more mucus. cut out cheeses, milk and yogurt

Hope these tips help, if you are trying to put on weight, a virus can be detrimental to that goal, but as soon as you are healthier you can gradually ease your way back into putting on muscle weight. If you are like me and trying to lose weight, this is actually in a sick way (no pun intended) helpful to your goal. After you are better ease your way back into everyday activity, the virus can come back if you go back into the full swing of your daily routine too quickly. Don’t forget to wash your bed sheets, blankets and anything you have touched during your sickness, you don’t want to regress and go back to being sick. Stay healthy!

Photo Credit: Joan Valencia- Sick 


I’m Not Leaving…

For anyone that has been following my blog for the past few months, I’ve been graded on these posts and plan to continue this blog. Over the past few months I’ve learned a lot about fitness and journalism as a whole.

Throughout this journey, I’ve had quite the experience. I learned when working on deadlines, to ALWAYS have a back-up plan. To anyone keeping a blog on deadlines, trust me, you need to have multiple ideas.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning new ways to be fit without having to step foot in the gym. I plan to continue to find new fun ways to exercise and diet.

As long as life doesn’t consume all my time, I will have an new post every Sunday and keep it current as possible.  Even if I find a new supplement or an interesting article. I will post anything I believe is helpful and relevant to fitness.

So farewell to being graded on these posts, now it’s time for no pressure!

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Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

The Most Disciplined Athletes:Mixed Martial Artists

I am a big sports fanatic, and a huge Connor McGregor fan. McGregor recently won the UFC 194 match against Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. With that being said, I was inspired to interview local Mixed Martial Artists (MMA).  Between cutting weight in a short period of time and training almost every day,  I  consider MMA fighters to be the most disciplined athletes.

I visited a practice at American MMA and Wrestling located in Somerdale, New Jersey. Mixed Martial Arts includes a variety of martial arts such as Jiu Jjitsu and Muay Thai and incorporates grappling.   In a previous blog post, I covered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Komar Jiu Jitsu located in Egg Harbor Township. At American MMA they teach a variety of techniques such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, and wrestling.

Two of the athletes I interviewed have competed. Joe Lowry is a 3-0 pro and 10-0 amateur. “You’re going to be nervous, but you got to overcome that,” said Lowry, 26. Nick Forbes, 19 of Rowan University has been training for 4 years and has been competing for a over a year. “It’s very good for your body, it’s very demanding,”said Forbes about MMA.

Training for competitions is tough. When competing, the athletes have to sometimes “cut weight” within 2 weeks of their match. If the competitor does not “make weight” they will be disqualified from the competition. For a competitor to make weight, it requires a disciplined diet, along with working out in heavy clothes and sitting in the sauna post-training, that’s if it’s crunch time.

Wrestling personally affected my family. My brother was a football player and a wrestler, so in between seasons he would have to bulk up for football then  cut 20 pounds in two weeks for wrestling. I remember one Thanksgiving when my brother was wrestling, he had to lose twenty-five pounds in 2 weeks, he skipped Thanksgiving dinner.”I would workout in a 95 degree room with sweatpants and sweatshirt on running around and wrestling,” said Tyler Capille. I admire people who are THAT determined to make weight and work towards a goal.

After watching these guys work as hard as they do, they are some of the most inspiring people. The fights are about skill and mental stability. No one wants to lose, they want to be the champion, but it all comes down to skill and stamina. There’s no excuses for the other person being bigger, that’s the beauty of MMA. It comes down to confidence and skill, when competing. “I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Keep proving people wrong and proving myself right,” said Connor McGreggor.

Photo Credit: Alexis Capille


Stop Drop & Yoga with Jamie Camilli

OCEAN CITY, NJ– Jamie Camilli, 22, explains her perspective on stop, drop and yoga.

Music Credit:

“Chocolate”-Knuckle Puck

“Transpose”- Bad Suns

Zach Deal: Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and YouTuber

So it’s kind of a big DEAL I was able to interview fitness vlogger (and my “man crush Monday”), Zach Deal. Deal is originally from North Carolina now living in Miami. He started his YouTube channel in October 2014 which currently has 7,092 subscribers and 110,156 views. 

Deal loves entertaining and YouTube was the easiest avenue for him to start film work. In future posts, he plans on collaborating with other Youtubers, along with filming more lifting and cooking videos. He also plans on incorporating comedy skits as well as firearm instructional videos(not together).

The hardest part about maintaining his channel is the distance between him and his videographer who lives in Los Angeles. “He and I vibe so well, I don’t want to hire anyone else,” says Deal.

Besides maintaining a YouTube channel, Deal is a busy man. Between training online and exclusive clients, working out 7 days a week and becoming a new dad, he still has time for his “plethora” of hobbies. Some of which include playing guitar, snowboarding, firearms, motorcycles and the list goes on.

For anyone just starting a blog or Youtube Channel, Deal suggests, “Stay consistent and be innovative. That’s the only way to build a following. It’s hard to keep the followers interested if you’re not posting frequently, especially if you’re not posting original material.”

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and competitive martial arts, I’m sure were all stepping stones to Deal’s chiseled figure, but he also lifts 6 days a week plus 1 day of cardio. He says his favorite lift is a deadlift because,”it’s a “man’s lift. You can’t cheat it, and it takes some serious work to get through an intense deadlift session.”

As for his cardio days, he typically runs on the beach with his pitbully, Ruger, or does track workouts at a local football field. But, Ruger does give him a run for his money, “I can run 3 miles with him and he is still pulling like he wants to go longer.”

For a cheat meal he enjoys a homemade Italian Dinner (I make great chicken parm ;)). Deal genuinely seems like a nice guy with a lot on his plate. “I definitely don’t live a simple life, but I love it. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Feature Image: Zach Deal and Ruger in the Denali. Photo Credit: Zach Deal

Ambitious Fitness: Caroline Calogero

Feeling ambitious? With over 20 years experience with health and fitness, Caroline Calogero and her husband, Mike, opened Ambitious Fitness in June of 2015. They offer complete functional training for all ages and levels of fitness.

Caroline Calogero has a background in physical therapy and has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. She has 4 years of Crossfit experience and has competed.

Ambitious Fitness incorporates strength and flexibility into their training programs. The Calogeros are the owners and trainers at Ambitious fitness with “No Days Off”.

If you intend to reach reach your fitness goals, Ambitious Fitness is located at 2511 Fire Road Unit 13A in Egg Harbor Township. They offer fitness training for adults, kids and small groups.

Feature Image: Mike and Caroline Calagero at Ambitious Fitness located on Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township. Photo Credit: Caroline Calogero

Trading in My Nikes for Hiking Boots

Growing up only ten minutes from the Jersey shore has been a convenience all my life. Not only is it a great place for families to vacation, but it is a beautiful place for me to exercise. In the summer I usually ditch the gym to run on the beach, boardwalk or even the bridge. Running on the beach at sunrise is definitely something I take for granted.

Caught this sunrise on a run at the Ocean City Bridge this past summer. Taken with an IPhone 5s Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

It could be the swarm of shoobies infesting the roads and beaches during the summer months making it tough to enjoy the pleasure of running on the beach. After the shoobies leave their shore homes and migrate back to Pennsylvania, they turn the beach towns into ghost towns which makes running on the boardwalk go from calming to straight creepy.

So, on Monday October 26, I stepped into shoobie territory. I packed up my car, took out my hiking boots and traveled  to Mount Tammany in Pennsylvania for a day trip with Amanda Werner, a photography teacher who is passionate about hiking.

“Being a photographer you try and find every way possible to get that one shot that no one has. I live in South Jersey and I had gone to everywhere and anywhere i could explore. My significant other lives in the tip of New Jersey, and I started traveling up there every weekend. Throughout exploring his area I absolutely fell in love. I started venturing out once a week and hike a new place. Being by myself at first was a little scary, but you learn how to move yourself up and prepare for safety. The days I hike are “me days”, and they are more important to me then any other day of the week. The photos I get from the top of every mountain, is always exhilarating knowing that I just worked that hard to reach it. The only way you could capture that moment is if you pushed your body to continue. I can personally say there is nothing better then knowing you’re completely secluded by yourself. I encourage people day in and day out to push themselves to go and enjoy what I do. Not only is it beautiful, but your body will thank you later. ” said Werner, who goes hiking every Monday. Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

The crisp fall air and the scenery of red, yellow, orange and green made you forget you were climbing 1526 feet up a mountain. According to my FitBit I walked 10,730 steps which equals 1073 calories and climbed 127 floors.

A woman and her dog sit atop Mount Tammany and enjoy their day. Taken with a Canon T3. Photo Credit: Alexis Capille
A group of hawks swarm around Mount Tammany. Taken with a Canon T3. Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

The hike took a total of four hours. It personally took me 3 hours to drive there but it was well worth it. I became just like a shoobie with an obnoxious camera taking pictures of  everything on the beach. Except, I was taking pictures of everything on the mountain.

The trail on the way down from Mount Tammany. Taken with an IPhone 6s Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

image   image  image

A waterfall at the end of the trail runs through a hollow tree. Taken with an IPhone 6s Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

Hiking is a great way to enjoy exercise because of the scenery. You totally forget you’re working out because you’re having fun. So if you’re looking for a day trip, but don’t want to miss a working out, hiking is the way to go.

A successful hike, loved every minute of the trip. Taken with a Nikon. Photo Credit: Amanda Werner

Default Picture: Mount Tammany Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

Komar Jiu Jitsu: A Great Way to Learn Self Defense

Watch out Ronda Rousey, I’m coming for you! This week I participated in a Komar Jiu Jitsu class in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

Richard Komar, owner of Komar Jiu Jitsu , grins as students enter the class. Photo Credit: Alexis Capille

The self defense class was instructed by first degree black belt, Stephen McGee of North Wildwood at 10:30 in the morning on Friday October 23. As I entered the building expecting to only take pictures of the class, they handed me a robe and a white belt to put on.

Stephen McGee (right) teaches me the shrimp defensive move. Photo Credit: Rick Komar

I was a bit nervous, especially being the only girl in the class and never taking a self defense class before. It was a fun and interesting way to learn to protect myself while burning calories.

McGee (bottom) demonstrates how to get out of a choke hold by John Lombardi (top) from a defensive position. Photo Credit: Alexis Capille
McGee (top) teaches me how to get out of a choke hold Photo Credit: Rick Komar
Photo credit: Rick Komar

Self defense for women is important because as society expands, and we get more and more crowded, we are getting more and more predators who are looking for more victims and females are easy targets because predators feel they are smaller, they are weaker, and they are easy to take advantage of. Women need to learn how to defend themselves for the sake of getting home from work, if they walk through dark parking lots, they walk down dark streets past alleys, and they need to be able to defend themselves just to survive. I think self defense is very important but what most people don’t understand is self defense is a depreciate skill meaning if you don’t practice it you lose the ability to do that. Continual training is very good for women,its good for anyone, to keep that muscle memory of your self defense going.” said Komar. He is a second degree black belt in Reslan Gracie Jiu Jitsu with 21 years of experience. He started his school in his garage in 2006 then moved the academy to Egg Harbor Township in 2011.

Reyes (blue) tries to escape from instructor McGee as they practice sparing. Photo credit: Alexis Capille

The Jiu Jitsu class runs for an hour and a half. Starting with warm ups then a demonstrative lesson followed by sparring. Sparring is 6 minute live combat with a minute rest between sets.

Wellington Morra (top) goes toe to toe with John Lombardi (bottom) during the sparing session. Photo credit: Alexis Capille 

But it’s not always about throwing punches and dodging blows, they also like to goof around.

John Zulawski (left) jokes around and says “get this on camera” as he pretends to choke Komar (right).Photo credit: Alexis Capille

In addition to Jiu Jitsu, they offer a variety of classes such as yoga and kettle bell fitness. Komar Jiu Jitsu is located at 3137 Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township. I highly recommend the Jiu Jitsu class for anyone seeking to burn calories while having fun and learning self defense.

Pictured Left to Right: Justin Reyes, Alexis Capille (me) Stephen McGee Photo Credit: Rick Komar

This or That: Game Day/ Halloween Edition

The holiday season kicks off with football on the weekends. High school football on Fridays, college on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays, which calls for beer, beer and more beer. Then Halloween comes along, carving pumpkins, the caramel apples and candy with the kids. Then 26 days later Thanksgiving comes along; the holy grail of stuffing your face. Oh, brace yourself, for Christmas is only 29 days after Thanksgiving. With the holidays quickly approaching, diet and exercise tends to become an obstacle in your social life. You don’t want to be that freak passing up the pumpkin pie for some spinach. Here are a few tips when picking between the unhealthiest of game day and Halloween foods without depraving yourself from having a good time.

2077699349_ce7800d41a_o VS. 6076181270_0c03cce4cc_o

Pumpkin Pie vs. Apple Pie

Pumpkin pie is 68 calories per ounce while apple pie is 74 calories per ounce. You most likely won’t be breaking out the food scale during your holiday get together, so an average slice of pie is approximately 3 ounces which is 204 calories for the pumpkin pike and 222 calories for the apple pie. They are almost identical in macro nutrients, but the pumpkin pie is a better choice.

IMG_4944  VS.11063306326_f11ae8f921_o

Beer vs. Liquor

Depending if you’re a craft beer drinker or just a regular American brewed kind of gal, beer can lead to the typical beer belly, but Miller Light makes an extra light beer that I personally enjoy. Miller 64‘s are only 64 calories and contains only 2.4 grams of carbohydrates. If you cannot stand the taste of beer then vodka the best choice. It is 96 calories per 1.5 fluid ounces. With vodka, just watch your mixers. Water, tonic or club soda are the healthiest mixers.

4981798948_f8486cfa29_o VS. IMG_4939

Chips and Salsa vs. Fondue Dips

Chips and salsa is the winner here. Most salsas are only 5 calories per 2 tablespoons. Fondue dips such as buffalo chicken dip and spinach and artichoke dip tend to be loaded with cheese. Avoid any dips with a cheese base, it’s high in fat and in calories.


Chicken Wings vs. Naked Chicken Wings

Naked chicken wings are still fried, just lack breading. The breading adds extra calories and is essentially what makes wings crispy, but wings can still be crispy naked and taste just as good.

image1 (2)

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups vs. Hersey Kisses

Hershey Kisses are only 22 calories per Kiss, but a 2 cup package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is 210 calories. Therefore if you decide to eat 10 Hershey kisses it’s over the amount of calories in the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup package. Unless you can eat only one Hershey Kiss, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup win this battle because they also have 5 grams of protein which is essential to muscle growth.

418041545_be19e6bc6b_o VS. 3475353014_1ccea7e5f4_o

Caramel Apples vs. Candied Apples

Candy apples have the thick hard coating over it containing 215 calories per apple while the caramel covered apple is only 180 calories. The caramel apple sometimes comes covered in nuts which adds at least 50 more calories to the apple. Even though the nuts add extra calories, the caramel apple is the healthier choice. The nuts contain protein and caramel is made from more natural ingredients that the candy coating. The candy coating contains corn syrup which slows down your metabolism.

If there are any foods I have left out and you would like to see, leave a comment and I will include it in my Thanksgiving or Christmas edition. Stay tuned!

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